Authentically crafted, fearlessly worn.

Vibrant & Sage Artworks seduce minds and lure the eyes, purposefully demanding the right kind of attention.

About the Artist

Inspired by Reinvention

Vibrant & Sage is the product of Najia’s many reinventions throughout life, and fuelled by her passion for art glass. Throughout her life, she has collected glass art from around the world, so it was inevitable that she would express herself creatively through glass.

“I create because it is a way for me to express my love of beauty, especially the beauty I see in women who are in the midst of reinvention.”  – Najia

Inspired by the woman who is a queen of reinvention, Najia’s creations speak to her muse’s need for change, vibrancy, and a fresh perspective. She sees this muse as she designs and creates, imagining the piece as a talisman or source of courage during her time of growth.

Taming the Transition

Going from a Wall Street organizational psychologist to trial lawyer in Arizona, to running a bed & breakfast in semi-retirement in Canada, and finally launching a business to funnel her passion for creating beauty, Najia gets it. Change is scary. Vibrant & Sage designs speak to the experience of change. Whether it is intended or a product of circumstance, transitions change us and how we see ourselves, and that’s why it’s scary. Now that Najia is able to devote her time and passion to jewellery art, she created Vibrant & Sage to encourage women to embrace change and channel the energy of fear into the power to create a life reimagined.

About the Atelier

Nestled in West Kelowna wine country, the Vibrant & Sage atelier is a cozy nook alive with colour, inspiration, tools, and the beautiful raw materials that make up the handmade jewellery pieces. It takes at least three days to fuse the glass, then cut, bevel and fire polish, then build the fine silver encasing with precious metal clay, then fire, then polish and make the necklace strand.  Whew!  Najia’s atelier is hidden away above Cheers B&B, the unique bed and breakfast experience she runs with her husband.