5 Reasons For Reinvention – Reason #1 Banishing Insanity

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5 Reasons Why Reinvention Is Good for You

1. Reinvention Banishes Insanity

You’ve heard the saying, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity.”  By that definition, we’ve all been insane at one point or another in our lives.  Why?

In a word, fear.

Fear leads to paralysis and make you a slave to whatever routine, habit, or part of your life you fear changing. Even if it brings you no joy, or worse, hurts you. Fear keeps you doing the same thing over and over, while expecting, hoping, or dreaming about different results. To resign yourself to something that makes you miserable is a slow death of your spirit.

Whether your source of misery is your job (or lack of one), your partner (or lack of one), or something else, there is always something you can change.  Change takes courage and clarity, but the foundation of reinvention is self-respect and self-love.  Without that, you’ll go nowhere in reinventing your life.

You’ve got to start by believing you can fly.

If you start your life reinvention with the idea that you are “not enough”, you will make that so.  Without getting too ‘woo-woo’, I firmly believe that your mindset drives your life.  As motivational speaker and best-selling author Mike Dooley puts it, “thoughts become things”.  Whether it is your subconscious or the universe (or a bit of both), your thoughts really do become things-

-like your perfect life.

My perpetual “Notes from the Universe” calendar is there to remind me to adjust my mindset every day.  Some days the inspiration is not as powerful as others, but this one blows me away every year:

If a bird that could fly only wished for flight as it sat on a limb…before long, it would be unable to fly. Same goes for anyone wishing for anything…if all they do is wish.

– The Universe

The kicker for me, is that this inspirational message happens to be on December 10th, my birthday.

You can fly, my little chickadees.

Chickadee sitting on a branch; reflecting the inspirational quote on reinvention about not being afraid to fly

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