The Imposter Complex is Alive and Well – Even at this Age!

The Imposter Complex is Alive and Well – Even at this Age!

When I first started practicing law 30+ years ago, it took me three years to get over the shock that people actually thought I knew what I was talking about (and I did). As complicated as law is, art is even more so in a different way.

Art demands that you strip naked.

Art means putting your creativity out there.  “So, what, you put your intellect out there as a lawyer?” you ask.

Intellect is the ability to interpret data cognitively. Creativity is the ability to interpret feelings visually.

In the last decade of my life in law, I took a gazillion jewelry art classes in various media. As a result, I became enamored with beading, then wirework, then metalsmithing, and, of course, glass, my first passion.

I soon learned that each media was at least a $5k of investment in tools and materials just to begin, so I had to focus my study and studio practice on just a few techniques.  I chose glass because I’ve always been fascinated by it and working with metal clay rather than metal. After all, metalsmithing is tough on the hands, and I’d be jumping into art full-time in my 60’s when hands begin to get weaker and stiffer.

Potential Consumers – Judge, Jury, and Verdict

Art is such a personal endeavor, unlike trial work, which is all about the law, the evidence, and persuasion skills. But when the jury announces its verdict, I know whether I’ve succeeded. When I spend the better part of a week making a piece then upload it to the Vibrant & Sage website, I have no clue how it will be received.

The “jury’s verdict” comes in for an artist when she gets feedback from potential consumers. The judge renders the final judgment when someone buys it. But even then, we don’t always know what it was about the piece that caught the buyer’s eye.

Rejection – The Nature of The Beast

I am comfortable accepting that not everyone will like my art – it’s the nature of the beast – but not altogether sure people will know it is worth what I charge;  materials are

freaking expensive because I work only with the “gold standard” of glass and precious metal clays.

Once I start getting regular sales online, much like when law clients started waltzing into my office through word of mouth, I will become more secure as an artist.  Until then, I need my friends’ support.

Your Support Means Everything!

Yes, it would be awesome if all of you would buy from me.  But I respect that while you may appreciate my art, maybe it isn’t for you style-wise or cost-wise or some-other-wise.

The second best would be to support me as a “Badass Woman with Wrinkles Artist of Reinvention.”  Subscribe/follow/like/comment on Vibrant & Sage Artworks on Facebook or Instagram.  Sign up for my Badass Women with Wrinkles newsletter. Be my informal ‘advisory board’ when I ask for comment while in the process of completing a piece. Spread the word about the blog and the art!

Your Input Can Lead to Some Pretty Awesome Results!

For instance, I recently made a piece that started with a circle of black glass, fine silver foil, glass powder, and a small chip of white glass. It represented the moon over a lake. Then, because I am a tree lover, I sculpted a tree out of fine silver clay and added it over the glass so that the moon shone between the branches – here it is in the kiln in the middle of the batch I sculpted that week:

Then I fired it.

The clay sintered perfectly, the glass did not crack, and the blue/green glass powder melted into the ripples of silver foil as I envisioned – yay!!



None of my glass artist friends could explain it any better than I could. So I posted about it and asked whether I should re-fire it with another piece of white glass or enamel.  I really thought I had blown this piece.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!  What a fervor over my idea that I had to ‘fix’ it just because it did not come out looking like the image I had in my head!   And you guys were right – you declared, “it’s the blood moon,” “the harvest moon,” “strawberry moon” …I looked it up and found the red moon is a harbinger of change -how apropos for an artist who is trying to build a loving community based on life reinvention!

Mary told me she had to have the pendant because she has always loved the blood moon. We spent several weeks going back and forth on designing the necklace and earrings. She specifically wanted to bring out her aqua eyes.

Tree & Blood Moon on her is stunning, don’t you think?

Lo and behold, Mary has a few life reinvention stories too! Can’t wait to start blogging about these stories; won’t you join us?

So, it may seem silly, but your engagement really lifts me up as an artist, which in turn lifts the hearts of women like Mary who delight in having unique, bespoke accessories that speak for them before they utter a word.

Join the Badass Women with Wrinkles community and become a Reinvention Artist!!


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