Arizona Bracelet – turquoise art glass, swarovski and sterling silver

USD $92.75 USD $55.65

This bracelet will make turquoise lovers do a double take! Despite the look of turquoise, this bracelet is all art glass and Swarovski crystals!

The focal beads are the handiwork of a glass artist from Reno, Nevada, USA and we think he purposely made them trompe l’oeil – but who knows what goes on in the mind of an artist?

The sterling silver clasp mimics the pyramid shape of the double pyramid beads and Swarovski turquoise coloured crystals.


The bracelet is 7 ½” (19 cm) VS-Bracelet-Sizing-Guide


Don’t think of turquoise as only a summer color! Wear this bracelet with grey and see how the color pops! Suitable for casual or work, you’ll get compliments everywhere.