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Becoming…Global Necklace-24kt gold foil Murano Glass

USD $136.78

This golden multicoloured piece was meant to be a pandemic response, but it applies to your whole life.

I watched as the Murano glass ball was made among the ancient furnaces on the island of Murano in Italy.  He spun a glob of melted glass on a rod, covered it with 24kt gold foil, then dipped that into a pot of glass chips and fired it.  I thought it represented the globe with all of the peoples and animals of different hue. I bought it along with a ton of other Murano glass (I admit it, I am a glass geek).

It remained in my stash until 2020 when I stumbled upon it during the pandemic.   All the news was so depressing and everyone seemed to be whining, so I made this piece as a reminder to think globally; find a global perspective to keep your individual balance.

The round features exterior 24kt  gold foil on a solid glass ball with bright colors of tiny fragments of Millefiori glass chips melted onto the surface.  The effect is a rich look without being dressy.

The hammered gold filled links of the chain are burnished so they shimmer rather than shine, because that job belongs to the glass – and you!



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The 20mm solid glass ball has been properly annealed to ensure strength .


At 75cm/30in long, this necklace looks great over turtlenecks and collared shirts.  Lots of colours in the glass means this piece will go with just about everything!