• Close up of Bubbling to the Top pendant

Bubbling to the Top Necklace

USD $300.51

Midnight blue goldstone bubbles show off the royal blue and emerald green dichroic bubbles in the fused art glass.  The bubbly motif is carried through the design of the fine silver (.999) setting.

I was surprised at the glass reaction when I pulled this glass from the kiln, the colours were so much more intense.  I domed the glass to give it optical depth before setting it in the bezel I made from fine silver clay.  Every one of those little circles was cut and placed by hand.

I made this piece in 2020 and found the four-day process helped in keeping focus as thoughts about what was going on around the world kept “bubbling to the top”.  Worries about all the uncertainty surfaced in consciousness then “pop” went away as I focused once again on making the piece.

May this piece help your worries bubble to the top and pop, leaving you in peace.

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18″ around the neck plus 1.5″ pendant.  Clasp is a sterling silver spring clasp that is large enough to make it easy to manipulate.


I “test drive” every piece of jewelry I make in order to ensure there isn’t anything poking or uncomfortable and that hangs properly after moving around.  This is one comfortable necklace!  It is not heavy at all, though it looks substantial and will certainly grab substantial attention!