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Butterfly Wing Heart #2 – Art Glass Gift

USD $27.36

Gaze into the multilayered colours and rainbow dichroics embedded in this wonderful heart and dream of your life reimagined. These Dream Hearts are used as worry stones, for meditation, to carry for good luck, to add to a collection, as a paperweight, or just put on display for all to admire.

Each Dream Heart is made by hand and fired in a kiln then properly annealed for strength.  No two Dream Hearts are alike in colour, composition, or size, but they are all gorgeous!

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Butterfly Wing Heart #2 is 55mm (2″) at the longest point, 45″ (1.75″) at the widest, 6mm (.25″) thick; all dimensions are approximate.


To make someone feel loved, give them a Dream Heart.  P.S.  You are ‘someone’.