• slim cuff bracelet with purple and blue glass round beads and lacy silver beads

Cosmic Cuff – a sterling silver bracelet with glass rounds

USD $129.85

The depth of the blues and purples colours swirling under the clear glass is amazing – and amazingly difficult to capture in a photograph.  You have to see it to fully appreciate it.

There is lots of sterling silver in this bracelet. The bracelet itself is a sturdy open loop of sterling silver graced with sterling silver beads and handmade lampwork beads.

There isn’t another bracelet like this in the whole wide world – so why shouldn’t it be yours?




The bracelet will fit most wrists and is easy to put on and take off.  To put it on, slide the bracelet opening over the side of your wrist then spin it around to the front.  DO NOT pull it apart then squeeze it together repeatedly – that will eventually break the bracelet!


This is not noisy, heavy, or dangling.  It will not move much up and down the typical sized arm.  You may find it is so comfortable, you’ll forget to take it off!

Don’t worry about the glass breaking with normal use.  All Vibrant and Sage glass is properly annealed for strength so it can be used for jewelry. However, if you throw it against the wall, drop it from a height onto hard floors or run it over in your driveway, well glass is still glass!