Cosmic Cuff Bracelet – art glass and sterling silver

USD $107.59

Glass artists spend years perfecting their art, so this bracelet represents enormous effort, time and talent. Each bead is made one at a time in a multiple step process. The depth of color and form through layers of glass is hard to describe and even harder to photograph. This series spans palettes from deep purple to olive to blue. Each bead is different and mesmerizing.

The bracelet is a thick band of .925 pure sterling silver as are the hand made Indonesian open work beads.


This bracelet is a stiff “C” shape;  that means it is to be worn loosely like a bangle bracelet and so fits all wrists.


NEVER open any cuff style bracelet by trying to pull the ends apart!  To put it on, wiggle your wrist sideways through the silver balls at the bracelet ends, then spin the bracelet so the silver balls are at the inside of your wrist.  You may squeeze (gently!) the bracelet around your wrist once it is on, but remember, it is supposed to be loose on the average wrist.