• Frozen Fire Necklace dichroic art glass and fine silver
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  • Frozen Fire Necklace
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  • Frozen Fire Necklace dichroic art glass and fine silver
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Frozen Fire Necklace – Fine Silver & Dichroic Art Glass

USD $300.92

This dichroic art glass necklace is on fire under the flames of 99.99% fine silver as art jewelry piece draws heat to you – the kind that sets your soul on fire.  Multi-coloured flames shoot up through the glass in ever-changing hues to meet the flames of fine silver in this one-of-a-kind necklace – I could not make this  exact piece again if I tried!

I started with textured art glass, mixed in a bit of powdered this and that, capped it in clear glass and put it in the kiln…10 hours later, voila!  Frozen Fire.  Over the course of the next two days, I cut the glass to shape, created the fine silver (99.99% silver) bail one flame at a time, letting each dry before adding the next, then fired it all again.  On day 4, I smoothed, patinaed, polished the pendant and completed the chain.

A real work of love. And there is only one.

The included chain has alternating smooth and textured long and short rings in 92.5% sterling silver. The unusual ball-in-cage clasp secures your irreplaceable necklace.

Let this piece change your temperature…and theirs!

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17″ chain, 3″ long pendant.  Pendant is art glass and 99.99% fine silver.  Chain is 92.5% sterling silver with a ball-in-cage clasp.




It is hard to imagine what would not go with this necklace, but it will look best worn directly on the skin or over a high neck knit shirt, not over a collared top.  Busy prints might fight for attention, so I’d recommend styling this with solid colors or simple prints -especially thin stripes – to have it really pop.