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PAISLEY FLOWER NECKLACE – Fine silver and turquoise art glass

USD $332.19

Graceful and intriguing, the flower is art glass, fused at 1500F to achieve the swirls of turquoise, lime green, and deep blue, then embedded in fine 99.99% silver.  Intricate patterns grace the front and the back of the paisley shaped pendant.  On the back is a peek-a-boo window for the glass to expand into as it is fusing.  The Vibrant & Sage logo proudly announces the authenticity of this piece.

Art glass jewelry is not as fragile as, say, your wine glass.  It is, first of all, encased in metal.  Second, it is much thicker than your wine glass and has been fused at high temperatures then annealed for strength.  So, yes, if you drop it just the wrong way on a tile floor, it might crack, just as anything other than a diamond might crack.  But, really, the likelihood is low.  I’ve dropped plenty and (knock on wood) none have broken.

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The Sterling silver Wheat style chain is 20″ long.  The pendant is 6½” X 3 ]½”


Versatility is yours with this piece.  The chain is long enough to wear over collars and turtlenecks.  The single focal point will not compete with prints in your tops, so you can wear whatever complimentary color you wish and look put together with this necklace.