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Reuseable Art Glass Gift Tag set of 3 – a gift in themselves

USD $19.54

This ingenious idea becomes part of your gift when you use these tags as part of your gift wrap.  Each set of three gift tags is one of a kind fused art glass that can be written on with a dry erase marker, china (wax) marker or even a permanent marker. Check out Tipz, below, on what I found works best!

Choose from one of 6 design themes: flowers, birds, stars, dichroic abstract, turquoise abstract, and frames.

Double the gift and double the thanks!



Approximately 2″ X 1¼”/ 5cm X 3cm aluminum tag with art glass and leather cord.


Which of the three options do I find works best?

  • Dry erase markers are the easiest to wipe off, but if you are going to ship your gift or carry it to a party, it is likely some or all of your writing on the tag will be rubbed off in the transporting of the gift.
  • China (wax) markers stay on better, but you have to use a  grease removing dish soap to remove. A pain, if you ask me.  And these markers are too chunky to write clearly
  • Permanent marker is the winner!  It will stay on glass without staining it.  To remove the permanent marker, just wipe off with a bit of alcohol.