• Sweep Earrings by Vibrant and Sage with Swarovski Crystals in Custom Colours; shown here are the Lotus Sweep earrings with pink-red crystals
  • Woman wearing Sweep Earrings to a mixer

Sweep Earrings – Swarovski Crystals in Custom Colours

USD $66.44

Sweep Earrings are lightweight and seriously sexy!

These lovely earrings are graceful in shape and movement. When you look at the wearer from the side, you see the graceful sweep of the sterling silver arcs. When viewed head-on, the crystals appear stacked one on top of the other.

The colour of the Lotus Wave Sweep Earrings shown is “padparadscha” – the name of a sapphire found in nature that is somewhere between pink and orange. But you have a world of choices of Swarovski Crystal colours to choose from and limitless combinations: all one colour, a different colour for each sweep, ombre, a two-colour pattern…. and you have our expertise to help you decide!

Contact us to order now and make them absolutely yours and yours alone.

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Sweeps may be ordered in a variety of Swarovski Crystal colours; you can choose one or several color combinations to create your own style of Sweeps.  Contact us to choose the colours and pattern of your dream Sweeps!

The longest sweep dangles approximately 3 ¼ ” from piercing. The leverback earwires and the arcs are 925 sterling silver, in fact, even the wire used to attach each Swarovski crystal by hand is sterling silver. The arcs are hollow, keeping the earrings lightweight and comfortable.


These graceful earrings are best worn with the sweep facing out, following your jaw line. They are understated and not too “blingy” for daytime, especially if you choose crystals without the AB coating that makes crystals give off that extra rainbow sparkle. But, for date night, weddings, cocktail parties, bring on the bling, darlings.

The lever that goes through your earlobe is notched at the end so that when you click it into the hinged back, your earrings are secure.  To remove, remember to push the lever up with your thumb to unhook the lever, then pull the hinged back away from the lever.